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Not So Slow Sophie

August 17, 2017

Cheryl makes friends with a head-up breaststroker on holiday and shares her top tips... “ Despite her lovely stroke and confidence, keeping her he...

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Just Floating An Idea

July 8, 2017

“ The healing properties of salt water have been acknowledged for centuries. But if there's going to be healing, in or out of the water, the less w...

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Going Away and Getting Somewhere

July 4, 2017

Cheryl's home from her Strel Swimming Adventure in Montenegro... Thank you Strel Swimming Adventures for the lovely trip in Montenegro last ...

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Old Man River

June 17, 2017

Reflections on Swimming with the Alexander Technique... “ It’s as if the river doesn’t mind one solitary human quietly joining it. With a group,...

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A Timeless Swim

May 29, 2016

You can't beat the sea... “ The water wasn’t any less cold a century ago when people skinny dipped without thinking twice. And this spot has bee...

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Easy Adaptation

May 20, 2016

A Happy Sea Swimmer Improves Her Strokes... “ People who are happy in water, who have a feel for water, find it much easier to learn new movemen...

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It’s All Right Once You’re In – Five Minutes In The Frigidarium

February 16, 2016

A room for cold water immersion was the least popular place at the Costa Calero Thalasso and Spa I visited twice last week. Numbers were ...

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Keeping Your Head Above Water

June 20, 2015

Swimming with your face out is not much use if it's the only thing you can do. But you need to be able to do it! Gill's been learning to swim ...

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Transform your day in 10 seconds

January 5, 2015

Ian Fends off New Year Sluggishness... 'The first sixty years are the worst,' Patrick MacDonald used to say about learning the Alexander Techn...

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Tame Swimming – on an August afternoon

August 7, 2014

I tend to avoid the term 'wild swimming' which we hear and read about so much these days. I don't want to get in touch with my wild side when I sli...

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