about our lessons

Learn to do less, to let go and enjoy the support of the water instead of struggling against it.


Why learn with us?

Most people learning to swim, and too many swimmers, see the water as an obstacle to overcome.  A lot of teaching approaches either reinforce this kind of thinking or don’t do enough to help change it. The water is a wonderful source of support.  The less we do in it/ to it, the more it helps us. This is pretty simple but not always easy to see. Our mission is to help you to see it.


The water for Ian and Cheryl is a place for leisure and relaxation rather than fitness training or competition.

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We help you become more at home in water by focusing on what’s going on with your head, neck and back.

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Out on the Pembrokeshire coast, you’re a long way from the usual distractions, with time and space for new experiences. 

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We’ve been helping people to become more at home in water, through our 1:1 lessons, since 1996. We started our residential course at Croft Farm in 2003.

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Have a look at what people have said about their experience of our lessons. There’s bound to be someone like you that we’ve helped.

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We run our 1:1 courses at Croft Farm in Pembrokeshire all year round, term time. Email or give us a call. You can expect a quick response.

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Confidence in a better way

The fun is in the finding out. Enjoy the process, both of learning and of moving through the water. 

If you’re a non-swimmer, forget about mastering the competitive strokes. Focus on your relationship with the water and let things fall into place.

If you’re phobic, nervous or have no experience of being in water, we’ll work to get you comfortable and independent by the end of the course, moving from A to B with confidence and enjoyment.

Our job is to give you the right foundations. We want you to come away with a new relationship with the water that will last a lifetime.


Dive into our blog and get a feel for our approach

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