Useful Resources

Overcome Fear of Water

This video clip is taken from the Test, produced by Granada TV, first shown on ITV1 in December 2003. Ian Cross helps Gill Lacey to overcome her fear of putting her face in water so that she can learn to swim comfortably. This clip is useful for anyone seeking encouragement to come on a Swimming Without Stress course and for anyone interested in seeing our approach to dealing with the problem of fear of water.

Learning to swim with attention to head and neck

Using the Alexander Technique Ian Cross from Swimming Without Stress gives a learner confidence by encouraging her to pay attention to her head and neck as she learns to glide and regain her feet on the front and back

Filmé en Corse

Ian and Cheryl’s son Stan found some old holiday footage which he filmed from above as we swam under a bridge.

Rotation Rotation Rotation: 4 Important Moves

The four rotations shown on this video are the foundations for all swimming movement and essential for water confidence. If you can do these movements, you can do anything in the water. This clip shows the same 4 rotations 3 times: demonstrated by Cheryl, Ian teaching a pupil, and demonstrated by Ian.

Sally Head Up Breaststroker Before and After 2 Lessons

Sally was a competent head up breaststroker so was able to learn to swim with her head in the water and enjoy the glide very quickly. Her new stroke is much more enjoyable and doing her more good.

Enjoying the journey with butterfly and breaststroke

To accompany blog post, advantages of butterfly and breaststroke are being able to see where you’re going and coordination of top and bottom halves of the body.

Lanzarote, 2013, Gareth Lesson Before and After

Gareth worked with Ian in Lanzarote to improve his front crawl. There was a dramatic change in the first lesson, seen in this ‘before and after’ footage. The rest of the week was all about consolidation and practice.

Cheryl’s Breaststroke

Cheryl is using body undulation and thinking about lengthening in the glide and widening for the breath. She also likes to think about going deeper into the support of the water and softening her limbs and joints. Filmed in Lanzarote, January 2018. The addition of music is a one off. I removed the sound of the wind in some but not all of the video and as i was unable to mute it, I chose this music instead.

Cheryl Demonstrates Non Doing On Her Back

Cheryl demonstrates non-doing on her back. Look for 3 phases: 1, Preparation/ opening without tension 2, Releasing of the limbs for propulsion/ swish, 3, Glide/ rest and enjoy!

Useful websites

→ Pembrokeshire Tourist Information

Find out more about the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, beaches, stunning coastal walks, castles, mountains and wildlife.

→ Cardigan Tourist Information

Find out what’s going on in and around Cardigan: annual events, places to eat, beaches, rivers, coastal walks, dolphin watching etc.

→ The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique

Find out more about the Alexander Technique and locate a teacher near you.