Can I come by public transport or do I need a car?

To explore the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and Cardigan Bay, it does help to have your own transport. But some people just like to self-cater with a supermarket delivery, enjoy the tranquillity of Croft Farm and focus on the course.

The nearest mainline stations are Carmarthen and Aberystwyth. From both stations there are buses to Cardigan (90 minutes, Monday to Saturday), then it’s a short taxi or bus journey to Croft Farm.

Further west from Carmarthen and nearer to Croft Farm are Clunderwen or Fishguard (plus taxi to Croft Farm). There’s a bus from Haverfordwest station which stops directly outside Croft Farm (not Sundays), the T5.

Can I improve my deep water skills in the Croft Farm pool?

The pool we use at Croft Farm doesn’t have deep water.

Generally we find that deep water itself isn’t the problem, it’s not having the skills necessary to be safe and confident out of your depth. Most people who have deep water fears do lack the necessary skills to be safe in deep water. 

Do you teach children?

We’ve taught many children over the years. Our gentle approach does work very well with kids, both nervous ones and those who’d like to swim more efficiently. We prefer to teach children from about 8 years upwards on our residential course. This is because if your child has reached this age without learning to swim, we can definitely help and we’re confident a residential course will be worth the investment for you.  As we don’t teach during our school holidays, you’ll need to take your child out of school unless your holidays are different from ours in Wales

How many lessons does it usually take to learn to swim?

Learning to swim is a very individual thing and there are lots of different goals to aim for on the way to becoming a competent and relaxed swimmer. Our aim is to help you to improve your relationship with the water with each lesson. Some people achieve independence in the water in one lesson, others may take many more. It depends how much fear of water you have and how easily you are able to let go of this and learn to trust the water to support you. Generally, we aim to get non-swimmers independent and happy in the water in a week.  You won’t necessarily be ready to go and swim lengths down the leisure centre. Think more of being able to enjoy the water on holiday.

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I want to do a swimming course but my partner/friend just wants to share the accommodation? Will there be any extra charge? And can they still use the pool?

All cottages sleep at least 3 and you’re welcome to bring other guests to share your accommodation. The pool is bookable for an hour a day, per cottage.

I'm a good swimmer. Is the pool long enough for me?

The pool at Croft Farm is long enough to work on your technique, which is what we’ll be doing. It isn’t a pool for fitness training. What’s really great is that we get it to ourselves for lessons so it’s peaceful, free of spectators and we can use video feedback. Most of our  YouTube videos were filmed in the Croft Farm pool.

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I'm coming alone. Do I have to stay in a cottage as I think I would prefer to stay in nearby bed & breakfast or hotel accommodation?

You do need to stay in a cottage at Croft Farm. We get exclusive use of the pool for lessons for residents. It’s also very beneficial for you to be on site so you can practise between lessons for an hour a day with the pool to yourself. Cottage prices start at £400 for 1 or 2 people in low season (November to March).

What are your success rates?

If you’re a non swimmer, how far you get in a week depends on where you’re starting from. For example, if you’re very phobic, the focus of the whole course may be to get you comfortable and independent in the water. In rare cases, a non swimmer may be doing a beautiful length of front crawl in 7 lessons but there is usually a lot of work which needs to be done on the basics before we start looking at formal strokes. It’s not in your interests for us to have you trying to run before you can walk.

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Two Weeks To Thailand  John was very keen, on first enquiring about lessons, for us to give him guarantees. This is his account of his experiences of learning to swim with us.

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