A Natural Breath – What are the chances?

It is possible to let air out freely into the water then allow it to come in without tightening the neck and gasping, but it requires a lot of preventive thinking and, if we’re too focused on our goals, our chances are going to be slim.

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Welcome to the Comfort Zone

I often see this kind of motivational writing: You’re fat. Have a good look at yourself and work out how you’re going to run your first 5k. You can’t swim. Start with a length, which feels impossible at first, then work towards 4 lengths without stopping. Before you know it, you can keep going and do your first mile.

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Only More Freedom

What does ‘going swimming’ mean to children when they beg us to take them? Play. Adventure. Fun. Adults are different in water but we can still be creative and explore.

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Learning to Swim Like a Robot

What I’m doing isn’t helping me rest, breathe or move. I’m hindered by the starched, heavy cloak of trying, doing it ‘right’, and there’s nothing worse!

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Underwater Swimming

Want to swim like Shinji?

Don’t associate Alexander Technique in water with the perfect stroke, if there’s any such thing, because it can be so much more basic, and available to everyone, than that.

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Quality Time

Are you a recreational swimmer who needs to be more relaxed?.. “ Spending more time underwater, then more time getting air in, is easier than

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A Good Start

If you’re bracing for take-off, here’s what to take on board… In water, as on land, in order to feel comfortable, be able to relax

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