Look At Me

An image of a swimming teacher powering along, slick forearm hanging loosely off nice high elbow, or taking an easy breaststroke breath with bottom lip resting on surface, palms up underwater, kind of suggests, ‘Look at me. I can teach you to swim like me.’ And this might be misleading.

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Surface Tension?

Learning to get your face out to breathe… “ It’s helpful if coming up for air isn’t learnt as part of a formal stroke, because

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Just Floating An Idea

“ The healing properties of salt water have been acknowledged for centuries. But if there’s going to be healing, in or out of the water,

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All You Need Is Love

Putting love of the water into practice… Swimmers often talk about their love of water. But one way or another we fight the thing we

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Helping Hands

The importance of hands on guidance in teaching people to swim… Touch reaches parts of the brain that words and images can’t.  Hands-on guidance may

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Landing Before Standing

Getting your feet back on the ground… “ Without confidence in the skill of regaining the feet, adult learners need to get to a wall

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