Learning to Swim Like a Robot

What I’m doing isn’t helping me rest, breathe or move. I’m hindered by the starched, heavy cloak of trying, doing it ‘right’, and there’s nothing worse!

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Quality Time

Are you a recreational swimmer who needs to be more relaxed?.. “ Spending more time underwater, then more time getting air in, is easier than

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Surface Tension?

Learning to get your face out to breathe… “ It’s helpful if coming up for air isn’t learnt as part of a formal stroke, because

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Not So Slow Sophie

Cheryl makes friends with a head-up breaststroker on holiday and shares her top tips… “ Despite her lovely stroke and confidence, keeping her head above

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Old Man River

Reflections on Swimming with the Alexander Technique… “ It’s as if the river doesn’t mind one solitary human quietly joining it. With a group, it

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Diving Into Breaststroke

Thinking of dolphins and Adam Peaty… If you’d like to improve your breaststroke,  it may help to think of it as a series of glides

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Easy Adaptation

A Happy Sea Swimmer Improves Her Strokes… “ People who are happy in water, who have a feel for water, find it much easier to

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