Old Man River

Reflections on Swimming with the Alexander Technique… “ It’s as if the river doesn’t mind one solitary human quietly joining it. With a group, it

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Taking A Break!

Ian’s Intervals help Cheryl’s countdown to open water adventure… “ The Strel website suggests you should be able to swim about 2.2 km per hour

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All You Need Is Love

Putting love of the water into practice… Swimmers often talk about their love of water. But one way or another we fight the thing we

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Diving Into Breaststroke

Thinking of dolphins and Adam Peaty… If you’d like to improve your breaststroke,  it may help to think of it as a series of glides

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A Timeless Swim

You can’t beat the sea… “ The water wasn’t any less cold a century ago when people skinny dipped without thinking twice. And this spot

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What Are You Training For?

For me, quality time in the water is a pleasure like nothing else. I don’t get it down the local pool on a Friday night, unless I’m the only one in there and even then, there’s too much chlorine. Last night I’d have preferred to have gone for a kebab.

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