Pre Swim Wish List

I’m going for a swim in a quiet pool where the water’s a comfortable temperature. What do I want?…

👍 To allow myself to enjoy movement through the water, without sacrificing that enjoyment for fitness benefits or pursuit of better stroke technique, without counting lengths or strokes per length.

👍 To keep my neck relaxed so that my head stays out of my back and my spine ‘swims’, like a fish.

👍 Not to forget, even for a moment, to enjoy the support of the water; not to make any effort to hold my body in any position in relation to the surface.

👍 To allow air to flow out of my lungs into the water without interference, without my forcing it.

👍 Not to gasp for air, even once.

👍 Confidence to do my own thing, not to compare myself with any other swimmer or try to ‘fit in’.

👍 Not to be shy of lifeguards. A bit of communication might prevent the embarrassing possibility of being rescued. I could tell them I’m practising letting the water support me, aka non-doing, when I’m floating face down. I can move my hands around to show I’m ok .

👍 To come out of the pool with a spring in my step, with my breathing easier and my neck freer than when I arrived.

All of these things are quite simple and should be achievable but there are always pitfalls. The clearer my wishes are, the greater my chances.

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