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As we haven’t been more than a couple of miles away from home for the last few months, we’re lucky to be surrounded by so much natural beauty.
But, time and sunshine rich, we’ve been asking ourselves, can we use this opportunity to stop and really appreciate our environment. Or do we have one eye on the next Instagram post? Finding the answer too frequently to be the latter, we wondered if it would be a bad move, business wise, to stop using it, to remove ourselves from it. Most of the people we discussed it with said yes, it probably would.

But overall, we don’t feel Instagram is doing us good. Too many moments turned into photo opportunities, too much screen time monitoring ‘likes’ and scrolling through other people’s pictures.

So, with a sharp intake of breath and a clenched jaw, we pressed the ‘delete account’ button. Since we started Swimming Without Stress in 1996, this isn’t the first time we’ve turned our back on “It’s good for business” advice. We’re still here.

Here are some of our favourite pics from the last couple of years, of special places within a few miles of our home and the pool and cottages at Croft Farm.

We have found Instagram useful for showing people our West Wales surroundings. But if you come on a course with us, you can discover these spots for yourself, and we might come with you for a dip.

Thank you for following us. Ian and Cheryl 💙

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