Haiku Are In!

We had a great response to our Haiku competition, inspired by Simon Armitage in his shed with Johnny Marr.

Here are our favourites:

Inhale, push and glide
Erupt through the surface foam
Swim a brand new length


Elliot’s haiku provides a nice contrast to most of the others, which tend to align with my thoughts on being in the water. It reminds me of how I used to feel when presented with an empty lane and the opportunity for “a brand new length”. A bit like Wim Hof Method (’breathe motherfucker’) v Alexander Technique (’the right thing does itself’), I find it refreshing. Ian 

Shock, cold and alive
Moving past life’s timely buoys
Black birds, freedom’s sky. 


Anita’s paints a lovely picture, is poetic, meaningful, and I know she has a degree in English literature. Ian 

Trying not to drown
Kicking and splashing around
Relax and just float!


Ollie’s is particularly poignant given that last weekend was one of the worst in history for drownings in UK open water. The RNLI Float to Live campaign is more important than ever. Ian

Cold for a moment
Tingling fades, so soft and yet
Holds me whilst I float  


This one sounds proper poetic – something to do with where the break is “… and yet”. Cheryl

Water will bear you
Submit to its soft embrace
Abandon yourself


Like Sue’s, it describes the water’s unexpected strength and support.  Cheryl

The first ripples spread
Across the pool’s still waters
Legs kicking chaos


I often think about trying not to disturb the peace of the water. Introducing human chaos to nature’s calm is what so often happens, so I like this one. Ian 

Being in water
Not doing anything much
Just being in touch


I like the sense of not having any agenda. That’s when we get the most out of it. Cheryl

Daily morning swims
They give me magic powers
I secretly hold

Angela and Christopher

Love the ‘magic powers’. Being in water can have lasting effects on our mind and body.  Cheryl

The Winner 🏆

Skimpy bathing suit
One across seven letters
Answer is Speedos


Unique – made me laugh out loud! Cheryl

It makes me want to put my skimpy Speedos on right now and go to the beach with a crossword book. Ian 

A pair of Japanese View goggles are on their way to Ian.

Here are more that we both liked:

Get in, don’t swim. Glide.
Cool clear serene, I’m alive.
No race, head space, grace. 


I see icy sea
Wild swimming is not for me
See you icy sea


Watching clouds float by
wallowing in the shallows
cares drift far away


Let’s give in and float
Body safe in the water
Moving now with ease


In salt waters slip.
Soft pearls from fingers fall. (Only 6 syllables here though)
Breathe. Depart the shore.


Friday morning swim
In the local swimming pool
Thoughts are miles away….

Floating in the sea
With fishy friends below me
Mind and body free

Trustingly I lie
Mother Ocean cradling me
Deep blue sea and sky

Drifting on the tide
Forgetting all my worries
On the ocean wide

Head cracks on the tile
Back into the here and now
And return to Trial

Back into the grind
Until Friday morning
When Freedom I will find


Busy day over,
Pool renews and refreshes,
At one with the world.


Trust and surrender
Let the water support you
Relax breathe and glide


Gentle, pleasant waves,
propelling me back to shore.
I am not a fish


Thanks also to Stan for illustration

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