All You Need Is Love

Putting love of the water into practice… Swimmers often talk about their love of water. But one way or another we fight the thing we

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Helping Hands

The importance of hands on guidance in teaching people to swim… Touch reaches parts of the brain that words and images can’t.  Hands-on guidance may

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Landing Before Standing

Getting your feet back on the ground… “ Without confidence in the skill of regaining the feet, adult learners need to get to a wall

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Positions and Decisions

A person’s head can’t just be taken and put into the right position, because changes have to come from their own brain. The teacher has to coax the pupil into a decision to give their head to the water.

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Waste of Space?

Allowing Time To Grow… Have you ever been called ‘a waste of space,’ by someone trying to get you to work harder, act faster, get

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