Control Freak? Cant Swim?

May 7, 2015

  Are you a non-swimming adult who describes yourself as a control freak? Successful at what you do, you're usually able to achieve you...

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Floating Is A Feeling – When You Think About Its

April 28, 2015

About 15 years ago I was giving lessons to Christopher, aged ten. Ten's a bit late for a child to learn to swim and it took him a while. For severa...

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Mark Discovers An Affinity With Water – After Cracking The Breathing

January 3, 2014

Mark came to Croft Farm for the 8-lesson Swimming Without Stress Residential Course. He was a non-swimmer facing a particular difficulty learning t...

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A Monumental, Life-changing Experience

April 9, 2013

Tina, Brecon, came for a weekend to overcome her fear. “ Ian, I wanted to thank you once again for my swimming tuition. As you know I found it v...

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