Mark Discovers An Affinity With Water – After Cracking The Breathing

Mark came to Croft Farm for the 8-lesson Swimming Without Stress Residential Course. He was a non-swimmer facing a particular difficulty learning to breathe out into the water. After 2 lessons cracking the breathing, his confidence grew rapidly as he learned key swimming skills, shown here in the video. He soon discovered a real affinity with water….

I came to the course as a total non swimmer with no water experience.

My early attempts and thoughts around putting my head into the water were a big challenge for me. I thought I may not overcome the fear of doing this. But thanks to Ian and Cheryl’s guidance and reassurance, it just clicked and I found myself really comfortable learning to breathe out underwater.

This was a great step which was followed by experiencing a new world where I began to glide, dive, float and have fun trying out the feel of the water supporting me.

I’m looking forward to using what I learnt and experimenting in a way I couldn’t have imagined before. The key for me is doing less to get more.

I’m looking forward to holidays even more now, and taking opportunities to explore further, all thanks to Swimming Without Stress.

I will no doubt return to build on this experience.

I highly recommend the course to those who feel they are missing out. You won’t regret it.

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