A Monumental, Life-changing Experience

Tina, Brecon, came for a weekend to overcome her fear.

“ Ian, I wanted to thank you once again for my swimming tuition. As you know I found it very challenging, but immensely rewarding, and now have a deep desire to learn more! I am also now interested to learn a bit more about the Alexander Technique. It was lovely to meet you and although the swimming was challenging and hence tiring it was so worthwhile.”

I chose ‘The swimming without stress course’ after looking at many websites as it stood out as being the most suitable for me.

I have never been able to swim and indeed have always been fearful of being in the water, so I knew that the only way to learn was to tackle my deep insecurity and at the age of 42 I felt this was the right time.

I was instantly reassured when I spoke to Ian on the phone to make the booking. He immediately grasped my situation and was very encouraging without being too over-zealous.

During the swimming lessons Ian and I tackled my anxiety, he was very understanding and patient and constantly reassuring.

At the end of my lessons, which were 5 in total, I was able to do a small glide in the water. This may seem trivial to all those swimmers but for me it was monumental, a life-changing experience.

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