Just What the Doctor Ordered

Get creative and enjoy the bohemian pleasures of a dip outdoors… “ There’s a growing number of people who swim outdoors, not for aerobic exercise

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Following the Flow

When leading is misleading… “ Anticipation of the next movement and a preconception of what it should look and feel like makes you rush ahead.

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Freedom from Form

Available to everybody including me… “ The four competitive strokes are by their nature restricting. Their purpose is to get us through the water as

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Not So Slow Sophie

Cheryl makes friends with a head-up breaststroker on holiday and shares her top tips… “ Despite her lovely stroke and confidence, keeping her head above

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Just Floating An Idea

“ The healing properties of salt water have been acknowledged for centuries. But if there’s going to be healing, in or out of the water,

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Old Man River

Reflections on Swimming with the Alexander Technique… “ It’s as if the river doesn’t mind one solitary human quietly joining it. With a group, it

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