Searching for Still Water

Does too much head movement negate the benefits of swimming for people with sensitive vestibular systems?.. “ The vestibular system is the sensory system that

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A Sea Swimmer in June

June discovers a new approach to front crawl and takes it into open water. “ When I arrived I could already happily put my face

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Surface Tension?

Learning to get your face out to breathe… “ It’s helpful if coming up for air isn’t learnt as part of a formal stroke, because

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Just What the Doctor Ordered

Get creative and enjoy the bohemian pleasures of a dip outdoors… “ There’s a growing number of people who swim outdoors, not for aerobic exercise

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Following the Flow

When leading is misleading… “ Anticipation of the next movement and a preconception of what it should look and feel like makes you rush ahead.

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Freedom from Form

Available to everybody including me… “ The four competitive strokes are by their nature restricting. Their purpose is to get us through the water as

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