Fish Out of Water

Give yourself a break and have a breather… I always fancied a single speed bike. The simplicity of no gears appeals. The trouble with a

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Don’t Just Do It!

Avoid the swimming by numbers trap In Total Swimming Harvey Wiener writes about visualising a big number on the bottom of the pool corresponding to

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Oops!..I Did it Again

Wouldn’t it be nice never to have a bad swim? Swimming with the Alexander Technique is more about an approach to being in water, an

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Swimming Gala Stress

A Need For Speed And A Need For Balance… I must be getting old, because time seems to be different now – it goes faster!

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Cross Pattern Crawl

Kicking our opposite hand forwards is a pattern that’s already there, waiting to be discovered! A lot of Alexander Technique teachers encourage pupils to crawl.

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Drift And Swish…

Non- Doing On Your Back Helps Your Other Strokes… If you want to improve any stroke, try practising this one. We call it the ‘Old

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