Rosie, Finding Her Flow

June 12, 2013

“ I can hardly believe how you've managed to transform my stroke and whole approach in just seven lessons." I'm writing to say thank you again f...

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A Monumental, Life-changing Experience

April 9, 2013

Tina, Brecon, came for a weekend to overcome her fear. “ Ian, I wanted to thank you once again for my swimming tuition. As you know I found it v...

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Bringing Yoga Serenity Into Her Swimming

April 5, 2013

 [sws_yt_one] Hilary, a keen Yoga practitioner, learnt how to chill out in water. As a regular yoga practitioner, I have always found it frust...

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Re-thinking Her Swimming

April 3, 2013

Amanda, London, came for stroke evaluation and to improve technique. “ The lessons have transformed my swimming style and my attitude to swimmin...

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Self Discovery In The Water

April 2, 2013

Ann, from North Wales, came to overcome her fear of water and subsequently to work on technique. Swimming has become part of my life in a way t...

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Are You a Head Up Breaststroker?

December 22, 2012

6 reasons to get your hair wet...According to a survey into the nation's exercise habits (for the National Lottery Good Causes) 10% of women swim r...

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Thrash a sloppy splasher into shape – Pete Chapman, The Independent, July 2003

July 19, 2003

Think you can swim? Pete Chapman did too. Then he had his crawl remodelled by a lesson based on the Alexander Technique. If memory serves, I...

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