Aqua Sphere Microfin HP

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  • 38-39 (5-6)


The original Microfin was voted best value all round training fin by 220 Triathlon magazine. This is the new improved version.

Size range caters for juniors and adults.

The main features of this product are: – The high comfort soft rubber foot pocket with rear finger loop to make them easier to put on.- Blade structure with dual thickness made from thermoplastic rubber and technopolymer (LATEX FREE). The rubber inserts make the blade more flexible, so the user can apply constant force and reduce muscle fatigue during the leg recovery phase. The calibrated length of the blade also makes it possible for the ankle to move naturally.- Non-slip sole- The edge of the blade is fully coated with soft rubber for the safety of swimmers in the pool.

Closed foot pocket made of durable TPR material
Short blade keeps feet on top of the water
Improves technique while strengthening and toning muscle

Colour: Black

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38-39 (5-6)