Intensive or Relaxed Course?

If you’re thinking about booking a course with us, you may not be sure whether to go for the Intensive or Relaxed version.

The Intensive course includes 2, 1 hour lessons Tuesday to Thursday with the 7th lesson on Friday morning, so requires 4 nights’ accommodation arriving on Monday. Lesson times are normally 7.30 am and 12.30 pm.

Some people feel that 2 hours of one to one tuition for 3 consecutive days sounds a bit too intensive. And with 2 hours in the water with us, you may feel less inclined to get in the pool again on your own to practise.

The Relaxed course starts with 2, 1 hour lessons on Monday to kickstart the process, 8.30 am and 12.30 pm  then there is just one, 1 hour lesson a day, 8.30 am Tuesday to Friday. Arrive on Sunday at your leisure, check out on Friday morning.

If you’re happy to stay for the extra night, this gives you more time to absorb and practise. It also means, Tuesday to Thursday, you’re free for the rest of the day after your lesson, to go walking, for example.

The overall cost of the Relaxed course usually works out about the same as the Intensive, a lesson fewer with an extra night.

We offer one Intensive and one Relaxed course every week, term time only. We can usually do 2 Relaxed courses in the same week but not two Intensives. So if you would prefer a Relaxed Course but only the Intensive is showing as available, just let us know.  

The choice comes down to which course structure appeals more to you. You can expect to go home with a different relationship with the water, whichever version you choose.

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