Ameo Powerbreather – Unique Twin Tube Fresh Air Training Snorkel Review

I’ve been enjoying swimming with the Ameo Powerbreather. I’ve tried ‘training snorkels’ previously but never one like this. Fresh air comes in through two symmetrical tubes and you breathe out underwater through the mouthpiece. There is no gurgling, no need to purge and no inhalation of the deoxygenated air you’ve just exhaled because this goes down into the water, not back up the tubes. The Powerbreather remains stable and in place throughout your swim. Others I’ve used have wobbled as I’ve pushed off the wall. Because the Powerbreather is easily adjustable, one size fits all.

I believe, as I’ve suggested in many previous posts, that swimming competitive strokes inevitably creates some stress, and tension in the neck and back, because of the frequent need to manoeuvre your face out of the water to inhale. With my sensitive vestibular system, more of a problem with age, it’s a relief to be able to swim without needing to do this.

There’s no gasping and it’s easy to achieve a regular breathing pattern. On getting out I feel I’ve been in another world for half an hour. To remain completely submerged is peaceful and calming.

I feel better for swimming distances with the Powerbreather than without it. I wouldn’t use it for floating about, just enjoying the support of the water, without going anywhere in particular, my favourite activity, but I recommend it for fitness and distance swimming.

I recommend giving yourself plenty of time to get used to the Powerbreather. Allow maybe twenty minutes in the water, inhaling and exhaling with your head facing down just under the surface, until your breaths are deep and relaxed, before trying your first length. If at first you feel like you’re going to drown, persevere and you’ll soon be trusting the instrument like an old friend. 

Some leisure centres will require you to explain your intended use of the Powerbreather.

If necessary, I would explain that the Powerbreather is a training aid, not standard snorkeling equipment, and that it has been recommended to me by a physiotherapist or other medical professional who says that too much head movement will cause me stress. It is significant that, 1, your nose isn’t covered, as this differentiates it from a standard snorkeling set – you wear it with normal goggles – and 2, unlike other snorkels, the tubes don’t extend too far (too high) beyond the head.  These are both considered health and safety advantages in public pools.

The differences between available models of the Powerbreather are in the attachments. The ‘Sport’ model, which we’ve decided to stock in two colours, blue and pink, comes with the short Easy Speed Vent attachments, which are perfect for swimming in calm water, pools and open water in good conditions.

The Powerbreather really can transform your experience in the water, improving your relaxation,  ability to swim greater distances and possibly your speed. It is safe, healthy, helps fitness training, and is easy to use. Every learner, recreational and fitness swimmer should have one.

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