All You Need Is Love

Putting love of the water into practice…

Swimmers often talk about our love of water. But one way or another we fight the thing we love.

If we work  at using the energy of love in relationships, we might be less selfish, more tolerant, better listeners.  

I love the water for its consistent support. It helps me to release and expand. It’s very reliable in this,  I just need to remember this is what I want.

As in the home, we can use the energy of love in the water, as a way to direct ourselves and enjoy a different outcome.

When you’re learning to swim,  you have to learn to trust the water to support you.  This is both an emotional and a physical thing but too often we emphasise the physical (What do I have to do?). If you go into the water with an attitude of love, give yourself to it, soften into its support, trust it, you’ll make friends with it and have a friend for life.

As swimmers, we forget the love as we impose our agenda on the water. How’s my stroke? How many lengths have I done?

First generation Alexander Technique teacher Richard Walker told a trainee, ‘If you can’t put your hands on a pupil with direction, do it with love.’ It’s a useful message because it keeps things simple and prevents anxiety.

If you love water,  see if you can put that emotion to practical use, next time you go for a swim. Make sure you’re not fighting the water, or yourself. Let it support you so your breathing is easier.  Embrace it and and do some gentle strokes, with love! x

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