View Review – Ian rates Japanese goggles

We’ve introduced to our range of goggles two great models from View, made in Japan. One of them is available with an extensive choice of prescription lenses.

When we lived in Tokyo In 1991 we loved swimming at the Sendagaya Olympic stadium.  On our wedding day, we swam, stretched and rested in the hot bath there. With a spring in our step, we went for a walk in the park and then to our favourite restaurant for chicken katsu.

I had a pair of goggles then just like the ones I received this week, the View 500 Platina. Soft, hypoallergenic silicone, quality lenses and a great fit. For me they work straight out of the box. There’s a just-right gentle suction, without needing to tighten the strap too much. They have a choice of 3, easily interchangeable, nose bridges. This aims to offer a universal fit. These goggles look great, with understated quality.

James from Bracknell was at Croft Farm for a residential learn to swim course last week. Finding a pair of goggles that are hassle free for someone who’s never worn them before can be a challenge. But it’s an important part of learning to swim without stress. These worked for him immediately, minimal adjustment needed, and throughout the week, I didn’t see him stop to defog or readjust them once.

They don’t have peripheral vision like Aqua Sphere goggles but, for me, in a pool that’s not a problem. The main thing I’m looking for is a good leak-free fit, quality lenses and a quiet but smart design. The View Platina provides all of these. 

Also in the new range is a lady specific View Selene Soft Touch (the Platina is unisex), especially designed not to leave marks. We gave a pair to Gill, who’s disappointed that Zoggs have discontinued the Ultima Air which she liked. Here’s her review:

“I was asked by Ian and Cheryl to try out a pair of Selene Soft Touch goggles as my favourite goggles were now only available with mirrored lenses (as an over 50’s improver swimmer I felt that mirrored lenses were not quite the right image!)

My Selene Goggles are a lovely lavender colour. I used them while on holiday in Gran Canaria (March 2015) in the sea and in an outdoor fresh water pool. Since being home I have been using them in an indoor pool. The vision is excellent and the lenses have stayed clear and have not fogged up once. They are easy to adjust, although I did have to put an extra hole in as they were slightly too big without a swimming cap on. The main feature for me is that they are very comfortable around the eyes and do not leave marks!”

And a new choice for people who need prescription lens goggles, View provide a full range of diopters for the Platina, to correct both long and short sight (range from +6 to -10).

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