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These prices are for your one to one lessons with Ian and Cheryl (or one to two, if you’d like to learn with a friend or partner).

Your stay at Croft Farm is booked separately with prices from £330.

 8 x 1 hour
1:1 lessons
 6 x 1 hour
1:1 lessons
6 or 8 x 1 hour
1:2 lessons


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Give Ian a call, or email to discuss availability and choose a course structure which suits your needs. After agreeing dates, you’ll need to contact Croft Farm separately to arrange cottage booking with special SWS discount.  


Our excellent venue Croft Farm offers special discounts for swimming guests. Prices start at £330 for 4 nights. Residents have free use of the pool and other facilities, and exclusive use of the pool for lessons. Courses are residential only.

Course Structure

8 lesson courses usually start on Monday and are taken over 4 days, 6 lessons over 3 days, with lessons shared between Ian and Cheryl.

6 lesson courses may be taken with either Ian or Cheryl exclusively, over 6 days.  If you’re a fearful non-swimmer unable to put your face in water, learn to trust and use the support of the water with Ian, including hands on Alexander Technique work.  If you’re a beginner or improver, learn to move through the water with confidence and style, with Cheryl. See Meet the Teachers.

We offer a limited number of weekend courses.

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