Booking & Prices

Fees below are for your one to one lessons with Ian and Cheryl, or one to two, if you'd like to learn with a friend or partner.

Your stay at Croft Farm is booked separately with 4 nights from £355,  7 nights from £485. A weekend course of 3 nights from £355.

 7 x 1 hour 1:1


4/7 nights

 7 x 1 hour 1:2


4/7 nights

5 x 1 hour
Weekend Course


3 nights

Contact Us

Email or call Ian to discuss available dates and a course which suits your needs. Ian will give you the cottage price and, after agreeing dates, you'll need to contact Croft Farm separately to finalize your cottage booking before we confirm booking of your course.

Course Structure

Take 7 hours of tuition with a 4 night stay or spread your lessons over a week with one hour a day giving you more time to absorb and practise.

Weekday courses usually start on Tuesday with 4 nights’ accommodation from Monday.

Weekend courses start on Friday evening. 

See Meet the Teachers.

Cheryl usually teaches in the morning, Ian in the afternoon.

Ian’s specialist area, and vocation, is helping fearful non-swimmers learn to trust and enjoy the water.

Cheryl especially enjoys helping beginners and improvers move more easily, with freedom, confidence and style.


Our excellent venue Croft Farm offers special discounts for swimming guests. Prices start at £355 for 4 nights, £485 for 7 nights. Courses are residential only. Residents have free use of the pool and other facilities, and exclusive use of the pool for lessons.

Frequently Asked Questions

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