Tame Swimming – on an August afternoon

I tend to avoid the term ‘wild swimming’ which we hear and read about so much these days. I don’t want to get in touch with my wild side when I slip into the silky river water on an August afternoon. I want to relax, to enjoy the cool water caressing my back after a long, sweaty walk. I try not to disturb the peace and quiet of the river.

The kind of experiences I really want can’t be had when I’m trying to achieve anything, to get somewhere, and certainly not when I’m clad in neoprene.

Today my dog Ned and I messed around in a perfect secret spot near our home.

The shock of cold and thrill of the unknown depth soon subsided and I really was, for a few moments, in a different world. My favourite bit was when I hung suspended, just below the surface, doing nothing, watching the golden rays cut through the water. Unfortunately, Ned swam above me and clawed me in the face.

A tame – or lame – swimmer and a clumsy dog, enjoying the water on a lovely August afternoon.


Location: Between Llechryd and Abercych, Near Cardigan

Distance: 75 metres

Time: 20 minutes

Quality of Experience: 8/10 (Ned’s cost us 2 points but he doesn’t care).

Number of ciders in Nags Head afterwards: 2

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