View Platina Prescription Goggles – Long Sighted

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Smart, high-quality Japanese goggles. Hypo-allergenic, soft silicone. Designed for a universal fit.

These prescription goggles include plus diopter lenses for long-sightedness (you need help to see close but not for distance). If you’re not sure what you need, check with your optician.
Available of 0.5 diopter increments from +1.0 to +5.0 and in +6.0.

Please note : we also stock these goggles with minus diopter lenses for short-sightedness.

The View Platina comes with a choice of 3 nose bridges, easy-to-replace, aiming to offer a universal fit.

Choose your corrective lenses for the Platina goggle and Swimming Without Stress will send your goggles, made up and fitted with the standard nosebridge, ready for your swim.

Replacement lenses and nosebridges/straps are also available from Swimming Without Stress.

Made in Japan.

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Super anti-fog treatment
100% UV protection
Cushion seal face pad
Available in Left and Right
Negative Diopters: -1.0 to -10.0
Positive Diopters: +1.0 to +6.0

Super Anti-Fog
VIEW’s Super Anti-Fog treatment provides long-lasting protection against fogging
caused by perspiration and heat. Wetting the inside of the lenses before use creates
a film of water that ensures a clear field of view and allows the treatment to work
T.P.E. Seal
VIEW’s hypo-allergenic T.P.E. seals provide maximum comfort and water-tightness
over extended periods of use.

NB: Also see View Platina Prescription Goggles – Short-Sighted. Lenses for short-sightedness are available in 0.5 diopter increments from -1.0 to -7.0 and in 1diopter increments from diopter -7.0 to – 10.0.

Additional information

Left eye

+2.5, +4.5

Right eye

+2.5, +4.5