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The most advanced outdoor change robe & inter-heat competition thermo protection wear. Protect yourself from the elements with the ultimate change gear.

SMALL DRYROBE SIZE : Length : 90cm long from shoulder body change space 75cm wide. (Suitable from age 10-16 & Small Adults under 5’2 Approx).
The small dry robe comes with slightly longer short sleeves, designed to keep arms warm too, which can be rolled up to suit the individual.

You can now stand about & wait to compete without feeling the cold & wasting energy. Plus you can listen to your tunes!
The Ultimate all weather change robe. Ideal for all outdoor changes, Store your underwear inside in a wide internal storage pocket, keep your hands warm in lined external pockets and listen to your tunes while between events with the iPhone/ MP3 pocket. You can change inside it leave it on to keep the morning chill away.

Triathlon, & Duathlon specifically targeted features. The all weather change robe, featuring external pockets, large internal storage pocket AND MP3 player pocket!, shower proof, wind proof. Designed for super warm, all seasons, changing outdoors.
Cold-weather conditions present unique challenges. Large heat losses impact your performance. Your Body will use valuable energy just staying warm. Preserve your core temperature before the race with full-body protection from the elements. After your event you will cool down quickly.
Make sure to dry off and cover up with Dryrobe.
The only change robe that dries you & keeps you warm & dry.

Features & benefits:
New Sealed seams & Reversible Zip waterproof changing robe.
Ideal for changing before races without the need to dive into the car and keeping warm in the process
Born out of surfers, multisport athletes and open water swimmers
Keeps you dry after triathlons, run races, time trials or open water swims and warm
Holds a mp3 player inside an inner pocket for pre-race mental warm up
Inner poacher-pocket stores post-race garments such warm base layers, compression tights and underwear for easy changing and maximal recovery
Fully machine washable

Technical details:
The research that has gone into this product has produced a change robe that is far superior to any other change robe on the market. Developed with the help of some of the country’s leading triathlon and cycling coaches.
The Outer shell shower proof and completely windproof.
The Lining
When conventional toweling gets wet it takes an age to dry and feels wet against your skin, throw in some wind chill and you’ll know all about it.
Our Lining is a synthetic Lambswool which draws the water away from your skin, drying you instantly while insulating you and making you feel unbelievably warm.
Short Sleeve Design
A massive improvement to the more conventional square shape robe.
The shaped wide opening, in the side of the robe body section, allows for simple entry and exit of your arms whilst the sleeve covers the opening. This protects from the wind chill and rain.
For women it also stops you accidentally flashing your chest to the world.

EXTRA SMALL DRYROBE: Length : 80cm long from shoulder body change space 70cm wide. (Suitable from age 4-9)

MEDIUM DRYROBE: Length : 115cm long from shoulder body change space 80cm wide.

ADULT DRYROBE SIZE: Length : 1.24cm long from shoulder body change space 84cm wide.

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